Ghost Shooter: Millitary Defence (GS:MD)

Made with Construct 2

A sequel of the popular tutorial game (when making games on Construct 2), "Ghost Shooter". After exploring the cave, the US Army decided to build a base to secure the cave as it is inside a mountain and had the high ground (like Obi-Wan did when Anakin thought he underestimated his power). However, the Ghosts were displeased. The ghosts decided to make an army to attack the base. Your job is to protect and upgrade the base while trying to survive yourself. Good Luck!

Known Bugs and Errors
For unknown reasons the music and other sounds are not playing After wall is destroyed health bar will show again


Use Mouse 3 at the top-right corner

There is a better version with working sounds  if you wish to use it. You will not need to download it, just follow the link and play on the website.

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